Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blazer mania!

Hello peeps!How are you guys doing?Today I want to talk about blazers and jackets. Blazer kan sekarang the "in thing" in fashion industry. Kalau dulu blazer orang pakai as a office wear.. now not anymore. People pakai blazer with everything.. even for casual. You can wear it with skinny jeans, jegging, legging, skirts and shorts.Sekarang dah ada banyak variety of blazer.You can also get it in many colors.

Well for plussies and curvies out there...don't worry. You can look good in blazers too. Just make sure that you get the correct size and cutting.

I start beli blazer because of Kim K.hahahhahaha Kardashian wannabe la ni!
I memang ada few blazers but cutting dia old school skit. So hari tu I decided to shop for a new one. My 1st shopping destination is H&M Bukit Bintang. 
Kan baru buka so.. i pun nak pergi check it out la with my mum.Hmmm... ok la baju there very affordable and banyak variety. As for plus size.. not to worry..they do have plus size section but mcm limited skit la.

Sorry picture quality teruk sikit biasa la camwhore dlm fitting room

Shopping punya shopping ... i jumpa this black blazer.The price is RM149.90. This blazer cutting dia mcm formal skit but nevermind .... I will usually fold the sleeve and mix match it with accessories to make it casual. For non plus size pun ada and its slightly cheaper RM 119 rasanya and they have it in few colors. 

Well, there is another place where you guys can get blazer. I saw this online recently and I think its a good buy. I pun nak beli ni!hahhaha. I love the cutting and you can wear it to office or with jeans.The price is only RM 39

Haaaa.. Kalo tak suka the item above takpe... I saw another blazer online. Yang ni pun macam menarik.This one mcm Kim K collection sikit and I'm sure it will look good with faded light blue jeans. 
Check out the link below:-

 Ok la..for those yang size UK 10 and below.. I think its a big waste if you tak beli blazer ni. I saw this blazer from Honey Pumpkin online and its drop dead gorgeous ok. Kalo I pakai size 10...thats it i borong all colors...What to do?
Sapa yang tak beli memang rugi ok coz the cutting is so awesome!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

What to wear to a wedding?

Last Saturday I attended a wedding reception at Tropicana Golf Club. Congratulation to the newly wed bride and groom Charlene and Kuhan. I suka their reception..very cozy and filled with friendly crowd.

This time around I dressed a little formal. Wedding kan mesti la formal...Especially if the event is held at 5 star hotel.Never ever ever put on jeans to a wedding! Tak kisah la if the wedding buat kat rumah ke ke..This is formal event and we should respect the host @ tuan rumah.I pernah tengok this couple datang wedding pakai jeans and spagetthi strap and slippers.Hello?? Takde adat ke? Dah la pergi malay wedding. Kalo ye pun nak drop wedding gift.. wait until the event over or meet up another day.. isshhhhh..

Ok.. back to my outfit. Since this is an Indian wedding, I decided to put on my sleeveless dress from Debenhems. I love this dress so much because its slightly flair and I love the cutting. This dress is  a high waist cut and there's a black belt to match with it. I glam kan  this dress with pearls and  black velvet shawl.Ni image Audrey Hepburn la konon...hehhhehe.

I like to wear my dress with shawl.. It will help to cover my big arms and kalau the banquet hall tu sejuk... I can always use it for covers.

Most of the plus size girls malu nak pakai sleeveless because of our big arms.
Hmmm...Well it is all up to you. Kalo tak confident with yourself.. then dont!
Don't ever do things because nak ikut orang.You have to be comfortable with yourself 1st or else you will feel restless through out the function.

Take one step at the time...kalau dress tu sleeveless, pair it with a cardi or shawl. But don't cover too much! The more you will look bigger. Cari dress yang v shape on the neck ... trust me. you will look smaller.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Love, My Life, My Kylie

Haaaaaa...Ni la the love of my life..Ms Lil K or Kylie. Kylie ni very bubbly and very loving. Yesterday I bawak Kylie jalan jalan dekat OU .Then out of sudden, she stop and hug me.. pastu dia kata "mummy you know I love you right?" Alaaaaa sweeet nye!
Kylie ni turning 5 years old this year but dia ni macam orang tua... hahaha...

Oh ya... she loves fashion too. Kalo dia nampak i tengah make up.. sure dia pun nak make up sama. My handbag pun dah jadi toys dia sekarang. But one thing about baby girl ni... best.Bole dress her up mcm barbie doll... hahahah.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Check out this babe!!

For those yang teringin nak jadi Plus size Model like ME but low self esteem... Check out this Babe. I love to see her pictures. Sexy and very attractive.
Nowadays people don't only go for skinny models...Most of the modelling agency dah start scouting for Plus size models. But sadly in Malaysia...mindset our people belum bertukar.Ahhh sedih nye!
Insyaalah..if ada rezeki I would love to have my own clothing line. Amin!

Maxis CBA Synergy Dinner

Sorry guys, I've been very busy and not well lately.Anyhow..this picture was taken yesterday. I pergi company dinner at Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club. It was fun and I get to catch up with my colleagues. 

Back to my outfit, I wanted to put on my toga dress from Flow but due to rainy weather and me not feeling well... I decided to wear this.
This is actually my 2nd green dress. I tak pernah beli green dress before this because I'm afraid that I can't carry the colour. But recently I give it a try and it was ok. Green color ni makes you feel fresh.Seriously!

I bought the dress from Debenhems Star Hill during sale baru baru ni. 70% off and I got it for RM 64. Murahkan!
This is my good friend Balan.

This time I mixed match my green outfit with gold to give it a classy touch.I matched it with chunky gold dangling earing from Diva and gold Handbang.
Wanted to match it with my sis's gold necklace but I rasa mcm overwhelming sangat. Rule of thumb number 1...never ever over accessorized..dah la badan besar pastu accessories "busy" pulak tu..hmmmm gone case! Kalo rasa earings you dah chunky...leave it as your "lime light".

I  matched my outfit with muddy green and yellowish heels from Pedal Works.I love Pedal Works. Their shoes are very comfy and long lasting.They also cater for kaki besar besar. They have one outlet at isetan KLCC and Subang Parade.

That's all for today..I will be writing about shoes and boots soon...See Ya!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy weekend and here's some reading material for you

Well weekend is just around the corner and its school holidays.For those yang on long weekend ni..apa kata take the opportunity to pamper yourself.Go for a  spa or you can also buat DIY spa at home. I'm planning to do "lulur" this weekend. My soulmate Amaal gave me a packet of sweet..Thanks Amaal!
BTW to cut it short here is some reading material for you guys. I suka read this magazine online and I selalu get ideas from there. The latest issue pun dah keluar. Happy reading peeps!

This is my soulmate Amaal

Where to shop for plus size outfits?

I know....I know this is the biggest dilemma for the plus size people out there.The choices are limited and sometimes it can cost you a bomb! Faham sangat! Well to share with you guys...honestly I pun scratch my head bila nak shopping baju. Dah berkenan dengan the design size tak de pulak..haih..pening kepala!

What I usually do is.. I don't wait for occasion to shop..If I jumpa something that I like..size ada...Ongkos $$ ada.. I will grab it and go.Make sure you buy benda yang necessity dulu. Example your jeans dah buruk or faded and you think you need a new one...then buy.Rearrange your wardrobe from time to time. Analyse baju apa yang you takde or color apa yang you takde. The next time when you go for shopping ..Make sure you beli apa yang you perlu sahaja.

Another thing is, we need to make sure we take a good care of our baju. Baju ni macam investement to yourself.. kene jaga elok elok. I usually avoid washing my baju using washing machine. I prefer handwash and kene rajin sikit la.What do you aspect?Bukan senang nak beli kene jaga la.

I usually shop at Debenhems Starhill. I like it there because there's variety and I only shop during Sale! Bila time tak sale tu...duduk rumah diam diam..Bila sale baru I beli. Imagine,the price can go down up to 70% during sale and I will only target the sale rack.Baru baru ni I bought a pair of pencil skirt for less than RM45. The material is really good and tebal. Ok la from RM 200 plus bole turun sampai less than RM45. I call it good bargain!

Another place I shop is Mark and Spencer. I love to buy my bra and panties from Mark and Spenser. Good quality and nice cutting for me.

I used to shop from Ms Read but I don't know la the design mcm aunty aunty skit la lately.I think kalo i dah berumur skit I will shop sana la..hehhe.

Dorothy perkins is also another destination for me. But sometime, susah nak dapat size 20 to 22.Yes they now ship to Malaysia but a bit mahal la on shipping from RM 50 per piece rasanya.

Lately, I'm also into online shopping. Best jugak but you will need to gamble la since you cant try and see the material. But so far ok la. I have tried Jesebella Steal Plus and Trendy Confession and so far they are both reliable